Marketing & Partnership Qualifications

Physicians Health Services  ( PHS )
– PHS, a statewide based PPO, with over 4,000 physicians and 20 hospitals in their network. MBSC staff developed and managed the initial marketing program for this PPO. Within twelve months of implementation, direct marketing results achieved by MBSC staff included the culmination of our highly visible contracts with two regional TPA’s and two national TPA’s. Within three years, PHS added 50,000 member lives to a virtually non-existent membership base.

Managed Diagnostic Management (MDM)
– MDM, a niche PPO offering diagnostic and laboratory discounts through TPA’s. MBSC staff directed and supported the initial marketing phase, developed a national marketing program to include regional marketing partners. MBSC staff directly brought to fruition the first and most lucrative contract with a partner in Connecticut.

Dun & Bradstreet Plan Services
– MBSC staff, in conjunction with other partners, created, developed, implemented and built a marketing company designed to exclusively market self-funded TPA services provided by Dun & Bradstreet Health Plan Services. Within three years over 100,000 new employee lives were added to the client base.

Centurion Health and Welfare Fund
– Centurion Health and Welfare Fund offers self-insured medical coverage to police officers and associate members. MBSC staff was responsible for product and marketing support for this organization. In less than 20 months, Centurion grew from 500 members to in excess of 4,500 members.

British American Insurance Company, Nassau, Bahamas
MBSC staff developed, designed, and supported this Nassau-based benefit underwriter in implementing a benefit offering for non-Americans seeking medical treatment in the USA. During the contract the book of business growth was in excess of 28%, compared to the objective of 15%.


Additional Marketing Clients that have utilized the consulting services of MBSC:

• Assist America
• Specialty Assistance Services, Inc.
• Insurnational
• American Specialty Underwriters
• Paperless Claims, Inc
• Special Risk Insurance
• Employee Benefit Plans
• Atlantis Insurance Services
• Genesis Travel

Consulting Assignments That Gives MBSC a Unique Position in the Employee Benefit Industry



The MBSC staff has been successfully marketing insurance products while consulting the industry for over 25 years.